It’s cold…..

So, it’s cold! Very cold, but at least this year I’m blessed with a roof over my head. I’m not walking outside for days with lightweight clothing on in a very northern, very cold state almost dying of hypothermia and/or being up for days without sleep. Those are the realities of human trafficking. Almost dying. It’s why I love blankets and anything that is soft and keeps me warm.

I’m very blessed this year with family and friends. I’m blessed to be-able to stay warm and keep those I love and care for warm. I’ve been in my head for a bit lately, the reality of being abducted and not knowing how to express the feelings that are going through me have been hard. I’ve been having nightmares of when I was trafficked, the holidays are always a little harder because when I was being trafficked part of me hoped because it was a holiday I wouldn’t be trafficked that day, but I was always wrong.

This season while everyone is celebrating I’m thinking of all those still trafficked and what they are experiencing. I’m also saying thank you for my blessings and that I’m no longer in that situation. I’m also asking that all those trafficked are one day free. That is my hope. That the world realizes the evils and works to correct and eradicate them. That we can all live blessed. I hope your holidays are filled with joy.

Don’t forget to shine! Never let them win! Always look for the light!

2 thoughts on “It’s cold…..”

  1. Hey Friend, give yourself some grace. Make this year different, focus on how far you’ve come and what’s a head of you. It wide open for you to make. For me, years of Therapy working on my Truama, Now I don’t think about that part of past. Remember Tomorrow is Jesus birthday, talk to him if you believe. 🙂

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