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Support group…..

Hello everyone,

So, I tried a support group tonight because my therapist thinks I need more support, which I would agree with. It’s not a human trafficking survivor support group it’s a DV survivor support group. I figured I’d try it and see. It was only my first one, but I felt out of place already.

Technically, you could call what I went through Domestic Violence as well, but it was trafficking through and through, it’s different than domestic violence, the experience itself is different, it’s constant and unrelenting. It was only my first session so I’ll try again next week, maybe I’ll connect more then? I wish there was a group of trafficking survivors who truly understood in my area, yes I’ve looked. I talked a bit to one lady but she never got back to me. All my survivor friends are in other places, except one, and I don’t want to burden her too much.

I just wish I didn’t feel so out of place in the group. The experience of being trafficked is one entirely it’s own. It’s similar in some ways but drastically different in others…. I just want someone to truly understand. I know everyone’s experience is different, but I just feel alone.

Thank you for reading, Always look for the light! Don’t forget to shine! Never let them win!

6 thoughts on “Support group…..”

  1. Hi! I want to say I know how it feels to not connect in groups like that. And to tell you you’re not alone, you just haven’t found your people yet. If you need someone to vent to, you can always email me. And I’ll listen to judgement, no questions asked. I hope you get the support you need. 🙏

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  2. You can look online or Facebook to see if there is a group that is about trafficking. It’s a level of trauma, it’s not talked about much but I’m sure there is a group. DV will help some because you were in that situation. You might ask the Group Leader at the group if she knows where to go.I have not been thru what you have, but I can guess how bad your trauma is. You might ask your Therapist as well. Another thin I would do is search WordPress for sites that might be good to follow, it’s not the save all but it might help meeting others. I feel deeply for you, and know that you will keep moving forward and deal with your trauma head on. 🙂

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