Odd things I get excited about after surviving extreme trauma

So these are some things that make me excited after surviving extreme trauma like trafficking.

1. Bruises and scratches and such. ( I got a bruise from the first time they tried to take blood before surgery, I took a picture and sent it to my best friend saying look! At first she didn’t get it she said those are common so I had to tell her no, that’s not it, it’s a bruise that wasn’t caused by my trafficker. It’s a pain that wasn’t caused by him.)

2. Clean sheets are the best!! (Because they aren’t filled with sweat and such from who knows who)

3. Showers!!! Showers!! I don’t need to say more.

4. New books!!

5. The smallest things that most people take for granted, clean underwear, food, clean clothes, toothbrush, yearly dental cleanings, a warm blanket!!

6. Blankets (they get their own because I love blankets, I almost died of hypothermia once so yeah… I don’t like the cold)

7. Lotions! And shampoo and conditioner!! And soaps! It’s so nice to smell good! (there was one customer I had to see who didn’t even use soap…. Luckily my trafficker said I didn’t have to see him anymore because he didn’t have soap…)

8. Pens and journals things to write in. (I wasn’t allowed to keep a journal for the longest time)

9. Being able to CLOSE THE DOOR to use the restroom (self explanatory)

10. Privacy and rest! (You don’t get either really when you’re trafficked and even if you do get rest, I wouldn’t call it rest).

That’s my short list of things, I know there’s more but I can’t think of them at the moment.

Don’t forget to shine! Always look for the light! Never let them win!

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