my healing journey


Hello everyone!,

I hope you are all doing okay, and thank you for coming on this journey with me. So, Friday was stressful to say the least. I met with my therapist and we talked about some things. We discussed how I didn’t realize I was abducted. My therapist asked what did you call it then? I didn’t call it anything up to that point…. Going with someone because they told me to and I was scared not to because of what they said they’d do? It honestly didn’t process up until this point. I feel like this adds to everything else and that’s hard to process too.

I haven’t been in a good headspace the past few days, I really just want to go to my best friends and play a game or something just hang out but I’m told apparently I do that to much (by others not my best friend). So, I’m here not doing that, stuck with my thoughts and all these memories.

I don’t have therapy this upcoming week due to scheduling conflicts. My therapist said it’d be good to see how I do for a week without therapy. I sent her an email this morning that said so far not good, not doing good and it’s only Sunday.

I’m going to go see if anyone here wants to play a game of something or other we shall see, but I think they might all be preoccupied. The good news is I have a second interview and I started my second course at Elevate Academy! It’s interesting and I’m able to go the zoom meeting for it this Monday so that will be good! I’m really enjoying these classes and learning a lot! Maybe I’ll see if I can find a good book to read. Thank you for reading.

Don’t forget to Shine! Never let them win! Always look for the light!


8 thoughts on “Scheduling”

  1. If you need to reach out, even if it’s to ask me how the weather is on my side, you can always send me a DM on IG. I hope the week gets better for you. Not sure if it’ll be helpful to think about any tips/advice/exercises your therapist may have suggested in the past to help. But I’ll be keeping you in my thoughts.

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  2. I’m not sure who told you not to spend time at your friend’s house playing games, but I disagree. Games are fun, friends are essential, and prioritizing joy opens many doors for healing to occur.
    What kind of games do you like? I’m a word game person myself – wordle, scrabble, etc. I can also get down with a good role playing card game that takes hours!

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